What is Straight Outta Comicon?


Straight Outta Comicon is a comedy show that is now 3 tours and 1 CD release old.  We started off calling it a variety show… its stand up comedy, its sketches, sometimes music.  Sometimes its an unscripted show that the audience drives.   At its core Straight Outta Comicon is Matt McInnis and Matt Keck as unmitigated versions of ourselves.  Its two kids that found themselves in comics, cartoons and video games that grew up finding themselves in stand up comedy, without ever leaving behind how we got there.

Its been our comedy, in our voices, on our terms and we’re pretty darn proud of how this geeky little experiment has played out so far.


Who is Straight Outta Comicon?

Matt Keck:

Matt Keck has been a standup comedian since late 2009, and in that short time his videos have appeared on such programs as Comedy Centrals Tosh.0, G4TVs Web Soup, RudeTube, TruTVs Clipaholics, and Right This Minute. He is also set to film his first feature film The Genesis of Lincoln and recently released his first novel “Shift”.

Matt is clearly no stranger to the internet, providing comic book reviews to literacy website www.lipserviceink.com, a weekly addition to the standup podcast Comedy A Go-Go, and running his personal blog SpaceDynamite!!!. His forte, however, is his YouTube channel, where he has 19.7 million views and rising, amassing over 1 million more views each month. His most notable video is the viral hit Im a Snake.

Matt McInnis:

Matt McInnis is a stand up comedian, actor, and  producer.  He’s also written a few things that have surfaced into print in the gaming industry.   His performances began in the theatre. From there, he moved on to producing and writing his own works expanding into short film, voice acting, and internet venues.  This lead to the founding of Mantapus Productions, which opened the door to complete freedom in his creative efforts.  This path lead back to the live stage and to his most notable success, stand up comedy, where he currently performs regularly to this day.

Matt’s body of work includes numerous theatrical appearances, Smoke Break: the 115 Episode Daily Series, co-host and co-writer on the internet radio show “Get Naked With The Threes”, management of Mantapus Productions, and apperances in comedy clubs (and now cons too!) coast to coast.  He can currently be heard on the bi-monthly podcast CineMother Lovers, as well as with Cheap Shots Movie Riffs.   He is in preproduction on Mantapus Productions first feature length film in association with Gunn Park Entertainment the fantastical action-comedy “Happenstance: Vol 1″  expected to see a 2016 release.

In addition to his work in entertainment, Matt serves as a contributing writer to Arcane Wonders for their Origins Award nominated game Mage Wars, his work as been featured in the Dragon Age RPG  and  SOE’s Star Wars Galaxies.  He is currently in development on his own tabletop RPG system and setting “Aether Skies”.


Frequently Asked Questions:

- Do you perform in _______, or at ______Con?

  We will perform anywhere in the world that will have us.  Our current roster of shows is on the sidebar to the right, and we are constantly in the process of updating the list and adding on more.  If your city or convention of choice is not there then by all means let us know but more importantly, go to that con’s website and let THEM know as well.  Conventions are such wonderful venues because they value fan input, so your voice is much louder and more meaningful than ours.  To send word to us for anything appearance related email booking@straightouttacomicon.com

- The demo clips and online videos feature a bit of language, is there a “clean” show for general audience conventions?

Certainly.  While our show is designed with the intent of being part of a convention’s nightlife or evening element and part of our schtick is uniting the aspects of our childhood with the entertainment of our adult hood, we can very easily present a more G to PG rated version of the show for daytime and general audience performances.

- Who are those other guys in your videos?

   While our show is two comedians and a trusty sound tech, our web channel videos often feature bigger casts.  We often tap into other local stand up comedians, costumers and cosplay groups such as The 501st Legion and Mandalorian Mercs, and performers associated with Mantapus Productions.

-I am a comedian in the area you are performing, can I do some time during your show?

Unfortunatly, due to the nature and design of the show we don’t really have wiggle room to showcase other comedians as a traditional stand up show might. 

Feel free to contact us at Mattm@Straightouttacomicon.com