CineMother-Lover’s Podcast now on iTunes!

If you’ve been following our various projects.. then you might have been following along Matt McInnis and Dan McFarland’s very own movie pod-mentary series CineMother-Lovers.

In addition to being available at you can now also hook up with us on iTunes here

Hop over and listen to us talk over a lot of movies that we love and/or hate while more or less echoing things heard on RedLetter Media.  Seriously though.. go comment, rate, and all those other forms of internet judgment.


Site Updates, New Store, New Projects, and New Schedule.

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to put a quick update out.. has been looking a little neglected because its being merged into, so as to get all the press kits, demos, and fun stuff for the various projects we do under one roof.

You’ll notice our “shop” page is a brand new Bandcamp page, which allows us to keep all the merch we’ve been selling here and our CD downloads available side by side with the movie riffs and podcasts from our other sites.  This will also be where our next CD is going to popup, as well as a few other new digital projects that we have in the works.

And, last but not least, we have started the process of building our 2015 appearances.  If you want us in your area, contact your local convention folks and send them here!

All that to say, thanks for the support and we will hopefully have the construction and clean up on this site and all polished up quickly.