Straight Outta Comicon in September

Hey there everyone!

This update is hitting a little late, as we have been keeping busy.  We recently returned from our second trip to Glitch!Con in Arkansas.  We shared the guest list with some cool folks like Steve Downes (who now owns our CD, and hopefully has enjoyed hearing a third generation version of his own character’s voice.) and squeezed in multiple performances  as well as lots of tabletop gaming with fans.  All in all it was good fun.  We went right from that into the Blokes telling Jokes show in Westport, MO.

Now that September is here, we wanted to post up some places you can see us this month.

September 2nd, the daily web series Smoke Break starts.  While not a SOCC project it features our own Matt McInnis in it, so support at and keep an out for him to pop up.

On September 11th, Matt Keck will be at the World Famous Improv in a comedy showcase held by Comedy Central themselves, so if youre in the Kansas City area be sure to get out and show geek love.

On the 14th, catch us working with Riff group pals Cheap Shots!  Cheap Shots will be doing a live riff of 80s train wreck film Thrashin’.

By the months end, we should have a date set for our next live show out of Tabletop Game and Hobby and a few new videos to put up as well.  So stay tuned.

On top of ALL that, booking for our 2014 Spring and Summer tour is in the works!  So contact your local conventions and demand that they bring us over!

Returned from ConCarolinas and Cooling Heels Till August

We want to send out a belated thanks to ConCarolinas as well as to all the people we met and hung out with there from the fans to the guests all the way up to the committee.  Its an amazing con and we are glad to be a part of it!  Now that we are home we’ve been taking it easy for June and most of July, focusing on local shows and local conventions (like the Kansas City Rock and Comicon).

We will be picking back up road shows as August gets closer.  Until then, keep an eye on our Youtube and Facebook for updates and check out our CD on your music source of choice!

As always, thank you for keeping us going.  We are nothing without you.

Big thanks to Kansas City! To fans and to Tabletop Games!


Its kind of a late shout out (we been a little busy as of late) to all the folks who came to our big release celebration show at Tabletop Games and Hobby.  In other good news they are going to be letting transform that game room into a geeky show room yet again in a couple months!  We will let you know whats happening as soon as there are more details on when and what kinda show we will be putting out.  We have a few different ideas for it, and want to put something different in on it.

Keep an eye on our youtube channel for new videos soon, as theres been some writing for new fun there too!


Episode IV: A Nerd Hope now available!


Episode IV: A Nerd Hope - Straight Outta Comicon

Our first comedy CD “Episode IV: A Nerd Hope is now available in our shop and downloadable on iTunes!  18 tracks of sketches too big for our stage show, our signature rap and other bits of geeky comedy goodness.

If you are in the Kansas City area, make your way to our CD release show at Tabletop Game and Hobby in Overland Park on April 12th at 8 PM.

In other news, we are recently returned from some of our biggest shows to date.  We had great outings to some of the biggest and more coveted cons in the country, Emerald City Comicon in Seattle and Wizard World.  We are happy to welcome new fans and friends and thank everyone for their continued support.  It means more than we can say to know that folks are watching and loving this thing we do about the stuff we love at these venues that we love.  We look forward to keeping on into 2013 and beyond.