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Straight Outta Comicon is the ongoing professional geek comedy project of Matt McInnis and Matt Keck.   It’s stand up comedy, it’s sketches, sometimes music.  Sometimes it’s an unscripted, audience driven experience.   At its core Straight Outta Comicon is Matt McInnis and Matt Keck as unmitigated versions of ourselves.  Its two kids that found themselves in comics, cartoons and video games that grew up finding themselves in stand up comedy, without ever leaving behind how we got there.

Its been our comedy, in our voices, on our terms and we’re pretty darn proud of how this geeky little experiment has played out so far.  The resulting show has been brought to conventions and stages across the country, hailed for originality, charm, and wit.

We bring a stand up comedy show bracketed by sketches, audience participation, a few musical acts, or just a small sit down Q&A confessional for a fully customizable experience .   The unique structure allows it to fill any time slot, content restrictions, or technical hurdles.  McInnis and Keck’s flexibility in writing and performance skills combined with their engaging, lovable presence has made Straight Outta Comicon unique amongst the ever growing geek comedy movement.

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Collectively Matt McInnis, Matt Keck and Straight Outta Comicon have been seen, heard and/or featured on Comedy Central,,, G4TV, Comedy A Go-Go Podcast, Comedy City, Action Nerds GO!, The World Famous Improv,, Ft. Riley Military Base, Web Soup, The FUMP Sideshow, Stanfords Comedy Club,, Ebaum’s World, Right This Minute, Funny 1o2.5 Comedy Radio, KHEL 97.3 The Flame, Strange Kids, Geek Media Expo,,, The Johnny Dare Show, Wichita State University, Avila University, Tyler Junior College, K-State and of course the illustrious Reddit Front Page.  Straight Outta Comicon has become fixture on the NACA circuit for college shows as well.

We have shared the stage and performed alongside such greats as Greg Behrendt, Janeane Garofalo, Hannibal Burress, and TJ Miller we have also had performances honored by the attendance of folks like Rob Paulson, Robert Schwalb, Gigi Edgely, Tanya Tate, Timothy Zahn, Doug Walker, Kevin McNally, Greg Grunberg, Walter Koenig, Jason Carter, Tiffany Shepis, Kandyse McClure, Tiffany, WWE’s Eugene, James Tolkan, and Garret Wang.


With 3 tours and a CD release, Straight Outta Comicon already has been humbled to be named  as Guests and Visiting Performers at:

WyvaCon (Twice!)

GlitchCon (Three times!)

Wizard World- GenCon (Twice!)

Emerald City Comicon


Geek Media Expo (Thrice!)

Con X Kansas City


Con on the Cob






Phoenix Comicon

Kansas City Rock and Comicon

Kansas City Comicon



and more!  With more added regularly!






Quotes and Testimonals from Convention Staff, Fans, Venues, and Reviews:

“They were easily the highlight of WyvaCon and made the whole experience worth it by themselves.” 

“Where the duo truly excels is at genuine humor.”

“Shortly after they started their rap I was pretty sure I’d need to make a few Fort and Will saves I was laughing so hard. I definitely failed the Will saves.”

“The show is unlike anything I’ve seen, perfect blend of comedy and nerdness.”

“I have never laughed so hard! I hope you’re here next year!”

“Awesome.  Must see!”

“Amazing and Original.”

Places other folks have talked about us, or we have talked to them:

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